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How to register your trademark in the US?

A trademark or service mark contains any promise, vocable, symbol, apparatus, or any compound, used or designed to be used to define and distinguish the goods/services of one seller or provider, and to point out the source of the products or services. Mostly Amazon sellers need brand registration if you form your company in Delaware, you can only register your brand in the state of Delaware and it costs you about 300 USD. If you want to register Nationwide brand registration USPTO is the place you should start your application. If you need any assistance for your trademark, you can get help from us!

In the ambitious and frequently changing digital marketplace, a trademark is a very precious presence. It diversifies your business and the standard of your products from those of your racers. Your brand has your reputation with it and strengthens long-term relationships with your buyers. It’s essential to be conscious of trademarks not only to preserve your rights but also to provide that you’re not infringing on the rights of others when creating one.

In the United States, you have the option to register your trademark at either the state or federal level. A state recorded logo only keeps your mark from breach within that state. A federally registered trademark protects the entire US but is only valid if you do business with other states or internationally. If your e-commerce platform beholder can display transactions that span beyond state borders, you can earn the useful protection of a federally registered mark.

1: Pre-Registration
2: Mark Selection
3: The Application Form
4: Evaluation Period to Verdict

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