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Company in the United States | Delaware Company (LLC) Formation

Those who want to start a company in the United States should consider that Delaware is one of the most preferred jurisdictions for establishing a company in the US because modern and flexible laws provide a complete package of incorporation services, including a respected Court of Chancery and a business-friendly state government. We can support you through your company formation process at

A General Overview

  • Company Name

The name chosen to establish a company in the United States must be unique and not misleadingly resemble other companies registered in Delaware. We can check that the company name you propose is appropriate. Limited Liability Company names end with ‘LLC’ or ‘L.L.C.’ and Trading Companies end with the suffix ‘Co’, ‘Corp’, or ‘Inc’.  The full word may be used instead of the abbreviation. Using words, such as Bank, Mortgage, or Loan, requires approval from the Financial Regulation Department.

  • Company Headquarters

To establish a company in the United States, it is necessary to have a registered representative and a corporate headquarters where the Secretary of State and other official authorities can send legal documents. As a registered agent in Delaware, we can provide you with Registered Agent and U.S. Address services.

  • Shareholders

A single shareholder is required to establish a company in the United States and legal shareholders are permitted. S Corporations require a domestic shareholder although LLCs and C Corporations may reside anywhere. Shareholder registrations do not need to be submitted to the competent authorities, which means that the details of the shareholders are not publicly available.

  • Time of Process for Company Formation

The process of forming a company in the US can be completed in 5 business days after obtaining all the necessary documents and checking to see if the company name is available.

  • Accounting Requirements

Companies usually need to keep accounting records, but they can be kept anywhere in the world and there is no need to submit annual financial statements to the competent authorities. Companies are required to document their annual earnings when paying their filing fees.

  • Managers

To set up a company in the United States, it is enough for one person to act as a manager. This person may be of any nationality and may be a legal person. The names of the directors are filed in the public registry.

  • A Visit to the USA

There is no need to visit Delaware to form a company in the United States. We will handle the whole process on behalf of your company.


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