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After forming Delaware LLCs or INCs, you need to get paid and manage your company. The bank account is one of the significant issues to maintain your business. Delaware Bank Accounts for Non-Residents are not a big deal, and most of the banks have branches in Delaware, and they work with non-us people or out of state residents.

What should you know before opening a bank account? 

When you visit the bank you need to provide proper documents;

  1. Certificate of formation
  2. Operation agreement
  3. US Address verification
  4. ID
  5. EIN

What if you are not in the US and you want to open a bank account?

Opening a bank account is one of the hardest points, and it looks too complicated. Some of the banks state that they can open your bank account online way. These banks are Bank of America, Silicon Valley Bank, First National Bank, Citizens Bank, and some other local banks. You can also get bank account service a consultancy company

Companies help you to open a business bank account without visiting us :

  1.     If you make international trade and selling online this is the best solution for you to get a bank account. They support much business and help you to get a merchant account, international wire transfers, and private banking.
  2.   If you work on dropshipping and amazon seller, that would be a good solution for you. There are no high commissions like Payoneer. This is a real bank account and real debit cards.

If you have any questions about opening a bank account, you can always contact the banks or consulting company.

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