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Delaware Boat Registration and Regulations


You need to register your boat in Delaware, but you are not sure how it functions? Good news! The Delaware boat registration is quite simple and quick. The first condition to obtain your Delaware boating license is that you must take an approved boat safety course and need to be aware of the Delaware boating laws. In Delaware State, all motorboats must be registered, and the registration card must be onboard.


Have you wondered whether boat registration is necessary for Delaware? Ensure that your days spent on the boat are safe and sound regarding the state and federal boating laws. Therefore, it is extremely important that you sign up for a boating class. Either led by an instructor or online. This will include learning about boating laws such as boating registrations, license requirements, navigation, required emergency equipment/zones and speeding regulations.


Why is boat registration is important? Why should I register my boat? Those are the questions we often get asked by our clients. Registering one’s boat is important since this serves the purpose of identifying lost or stolen boats and vessels that need assistance. In addition, the registration fee collected for a boat will be utilized in securing natural resource protection, creating educational programs, launching ramp maintenance and safety initiatives.


– Vessels equipped with any type of motor must be registered in Delaware if principally used or docked on the waters of this State for more than 60 days.

– Vessels used on private lakes or moored on Delaware waterways must be registered as well.

– Every motorboat released from the tidal access areas under the supervision of the Division of Fish and Wildlife must be registered in Delaware must secure a valid ramp certificate from the said division including the sixteen authorized agents all throughout the state.

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