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Delaware Certificate of Good Standing


A certificate of good standing, also known as ‘Certificate of Authorization’ or in other words ‘Certificate of Existence’ is a state-issued document that shows your company or limited liability corporation(LLC) has paid all its statutory dues and has met all its requirements, therefore, is authorized to form and grow a business in that state. Delaware Secretary of State confirms that your entity is authorized to do business on the condition that the following requirements have completed:

– Filed Annual Reports

– Paid Franchise Taxes


Clients usually have confusion about what a certificate of good standing stands for. The certificate of good standing might be necessary for:

– Opening bank accounts

– Forming foreign entity in a different state

– Completing an official business transaction or contract

– Loans or obtaining financing

– To prove in court that your entity is legitimately in good standing with the State

– PayPal verification purpose for Non-US Residents

How To Obtain A Certificate of Good Standing?

If you need to order a Certificate of Good Standing in Delaware, we can obtain a copy for you.

We provide a short copy of Certificate of Good Standing (New LLCs and INCs), long-form of Certificate of Good Standing (Mostly, if the company had amendments, you will need this form.)

As your Registered Agent, we will be happy to assist you in answering any questions you may have. Just contact us by phone, live chat or by mail. For further details, give us a call at +1 (302) 803-9501or and our representatives will gladly help.