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Opening a Bank Account for Companies and Individuals in the USA

One of the first things you need to do after setting up your new company or business in the U.S. is to open a bank account for that company.

You can open a bank account with us without traveling to the United States.

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Why do I need to open a bank account for my company?

Most of the banks in the United States require the following when opening a bank account:

– Company’s Certificate of Formation

– The federal tax number (also known as EIN)

– Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

Although banks are regulated by the federal government, they are also regulated by banking laws within the state.

Each bank requires the submission of different documents. Therefore, before you go to the bank in which you decide to open your account, it is useful to contact the bank in advance to learn the required documents needed to avoid potential problems. Other documents that banks may request are:

– Certificate of Authority

It is also known as Foreign Qualification. The reason that it is called Foreign Qualification is that a company established in one state has the status of a foreign company in all other states. By acquiring this certificate, you will have formalized your company’s registration if you are conducting your business in a different state from where you are registered. Many banks require this certificate for companies operating in a state other than the state in which it was formed. Foreign Qualification is important because the bank account is the place where revenues are transferred, and this transaction is considered as one of the company’s transactions. It is important to remember that each state has a different criterion for Foreign Qualification.

– Certificate of Good Standing

This certificate is also known as “Certificate of Existence”. This document is issued by the Delaware State Secretary to indicate that your company has already fulfilled all tax obligations and has duly paid accounting fees. Many banks request a Certificate of Good Standing during loan applications and while opening a business bank account. Companies may also have to submit this document before signing any major agreements.


– All company types supported

– No Social Security Number required

– You don’t need to have a mailing address in the USA

– 24/7 online banking and payment services

– A debit card you can withdraw easily

– Easy cash deposit service

– Send and receive money easily through our international network

– Easy payment via IBAN and SWIFT / BIC

– No need to be in the US personally

– You can use online payment methods such as PayPal / 2CO / AdSense


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