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Operating Your Delaware Business in Nevada

When it comes to forming a company in the United States, generally, the most common choice is the state of Delaware due to its strong business laws. For Delaware LLC owners, this means better protection and less liability for their personal gain.

When a company is established in Delaware, it is considered as a domestic company in Delaware. Yet, it is still considered as a foreign company in all other states. The process of giving your company the authority to do business in other states is called Foreign Qualification.

If you wish to register your Delaware company in the state of Nevada, you must complete the application form for Nevada and pay the state fees. This allows you to register your Delaware-based LLC as a foreign company.

In accordance with the requirements of the state of Nevada, you must also have a legal representative (registered agent) in Nevada. Your legal representative is responsible for dealing with process services on your behalf and receiving legal documents on your behalf.

Members of the Delaware-based LLC are required to sign the application in the state of Nevada. It is also necessary to provide business addresses in the application in order to be registered in the public records.

Please note that after your company is registered as a foreign company in the state of Nevada, you must continue to pay Delaware annual compliance fees as well as Nevada annual compliance fees. This is important for you to keep your company in good standing.

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