Company Formation

Steps to Form a Company in the USA

Company Name Must be Determined

In order to form a company in the USA, the company name must first be determined. There is no need to include the name of the business activity to be operated when determining the name. However, the name to be determined must be distinctive from the names of other companies. It is possible to check whether the name to be used as a company name is available on the internet. However, it is important to know that this is not necessarily binding. In other words, it is the founder’s responsibility to determine the correct company name.

Determining the Registered Agent

Registered Agent issue is important to set up a company in the United States. The Registered Agent is the person authorized to receive the company’s notices, such as reminders or other legal documents on behalf of the company.

Registration of the Company in the United States

In order to form a company in the United States, the company must be registered. As your Delaware Registered Agent, we can help you to form your company very easily. Moreover, you do not have to visit the USA. This process is the registration of the company’s certificate of incorporation into the state.

First Organizational Meeting with the Company Formation Documents

One of the most important stages of company formation is the first organizational meeting to be held after the company registration. In this meeting, the company founder (this may be your attorney or any third person who has set up your company for you) identifies the members of the board of directors of the company and completes the company formation. After this point, the management of the company passes to the board members. The Board of Directors approves the bylaw for the management of the company and sells the shares to the shareholders. As a result of this meeting, the ownership of the company, the board of directors and the management documents are determined & approved. Thus, company formation is completed. Since some states allow the first board members to be registered in the Certificate of Incorporation, their membership is predetermined. However, it will not be possible to determine who owns the company without the first formation meeting.


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