The Lowest Delaware Registered Agent Fee!

At Delawarefile.com we are providing the lowest Delaware Registered Agent Fee in the industry. We promise you, the price will never change — it will always remain the same.

If you are ready to start your company, you can file your company with us in minutes and we can send the company formation documents on the same date.

When you appoint us your Delaware Registered Agent, you will never miss the deadline of the Delaware State Franchise Tax and other requirements from Delaware State. Mostly our customers are from different countries and we’ve been serving in this industry for many years. However, local people also want compliance with the Delaware State Requirements and your business will stay in good standing.

If you already have a Delaware Registered Agent, and you want to change with us, you can basically order from our website.

What’s the Delaware Registered Agent?

Every corporation shall have and maintain in this State as a registered office which may, but need not be, the same as its place of business. Whenever the term “corporation’s principal office or place of business in this State” or “principal office or place of business of the corporation in this State,” or other term of like import, is or has been used in a corporation’s certificate of incorporation, or in any other document, or in any statute, it shall be deemed to mean and refer to, unless the context indicates otherwise, the corporation’s registered office required by this section; and it shall not be necessary for any corporation to amend its certificate of incorporation or any other document to comply with this section.

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