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What are the Required Documents to Form a Company in the USA?

With our broad experience in forming many companies, we would like to help you with the documents you might encounter during the process of forming your own company.

When you apply to form a General Corporation, Close Corporation, Public Benefit Corporation, or Non-Profit Corporation, you will obtain a Certificate of Incorporation that includes Articles of Incorporation. This certificate is proof that you have applied to start a business in the state of Delaware.

The Company’s Articles of Incorporation are briefly the basic chart of a company.  It includes information such as the company name, purpose, amount & types of shares, the address of the Registered Agent, and the person who founded the company.

When you set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company), you receive a Certificate of Formation that includes Articles of Organization. This certificate is proof that you have applied to the state of Delaware to form an LLC.

The Articles of Organization includes the name of the LLC, the address of the registered agent, as well as any other information agreed by its owners/members.

You obtain a Limited Partnership Certificate. This document includes the Articles of Limited Partnership, which is proof of a limited partnership application to the state of Delaware.

Articles of a Limited Partnership include the name of the limited partnership company, the address of the registered agent, and also the names & addresses of the general partners.

The Certificate of Good Standing and the certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation are different. The Certificate of Good Standing indicates that your company regularly pays fees such as Franchise Tax which therefore indicates that your company keeps in good standing with the state.

A certified copy indicates that a copy of a document has already been filed with the state and that this document is correct and true.


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