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What Is The Difference Between Registered Agent Office Address & Business Address?


Clients often ask about using a registered agent address instead of a business address. There are many advantages to doing this, especially if you work from home and don’t want to give out your personal address. Let’s explore some scenarios where this is possible or even preferable. 


The Registered Agent is a responsible third-party who is registered in the same state. Here are the overall duties of the Registered Agent in a very simple way: 

A registered agent accepts your company’s tax and legal documents, which ensures that important information on tax payments, lawsuits or judgments involving your business is not missing; a registered agent may or may not have a role in the business itself.

Briefly, the function of the Registered Agent is to receive the official documents required each year for tax and legal purposes such as Annual Report Tax notices and any other official documentation from the Secretary of State to the entity contact and to simply accept and forward Service of Process. Registered Agent Services do not include mail forwarding automatically. All entities are required to be domiciled in Delaware by the Delaware laws to have a Registered Agent with a street address in Delaware. You must notify your Registered Agent of the current business address of your organization. You can provide a Post Office Box to your Registered Agent as a mailing address, but a street address must also be provided. 


When it comes to forming an entity, even online companies are required to provide a physical address. Let’s assume that you start a business as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation and work mainly from your home, for example, your main office address would be your home address. If you use a coworking space, your main office address would be there. If you have a store and work from there, this is your main office address. Tell me more about this!


As we stated above, your Registered Agent will receive important legal documents on your behalfs such as annual tax notices from the Secretary of State and the service of process, your privacy will be enhanced and finally, you will be running your business freely. 

If you are a current client of us and use as your Registered Agent, you may choose our mail forwarding service(for further details: and use our address for business-related mail. If you have any doubts about the difference between the Registered Agent Address and Business Address, please do not hesitate to contact