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Why Should I Form My Company in Delaware as an Indian Citizen?


You do not have to be in, visit or stay in the state of Delaware to create a Delaware company. Other than occupants of restricted countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria), anyone can establish a Delaware corporation and start lawful business activities from anywhere in the world. You do not have to be a US citizen to form and actuate a Delaware company.

Delaware has an extended past of company-friendly laws. Furthermore, Delaware’s tax laws consent corporations to be taxed at a low ratio in Delaware and forestall higher taxes in their house states.

Delaware’s laws are usually favorable to businesses, and, different than other states; it has a discrete Court of Chancery that hears cases including corporate law. Chancery judges have a history in corporate law and can decide cases relatively quickly, without the need for a jury. This, along with a significant number of companies who call Delaware home, means that Delaware has an uncommonly well-developed and presumably body of corporate law.

These predictable laws allow corporations to make better assessments of the probable outcomes of a lawsuit or the relevance of settling a case.

Delaware has also been called a tax haven. It does not collect corporate taxes from Delaware corporations that do not do business in the state. It also does not tax royalty payments or other “intangible assets.” These tax policies lead to substantial savings for some companies, but you should advise with a tax professional to find out if incorporating in Delaware will ensure any tax benefits for your business.

You can create a corporation faster in Delaware than in just about any other state, and Delaware does not require you to openly reveal the names of the corporation’s directors or shareholders.

Lastly, attempt capitalists and other outside investors often prefer to invest in a Delaware corporation.


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