2023 Federal Tax Return

Our U.S. Tax Return Service specialize in Non-US Residents.
All Tax Filings with FINCEN BOI Filing at No Extra Charge.


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Unique tailored solutions

We cover Tax Treaties, and help to understand U.S. source income.

With our specialized services tailored for Non-US Residents, you can confidently navigate your tax obligations in the U.S. Whether you’re selling on platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify, our team ensures your tax return is accurate and efficient. We stay abreast of the latest tax laws and regulations to provide you with the most effective tax solutions

Single Member LLC ($744)
(Including Form 5472)

For solo entrepreneur, single e-commerce sellers who has an U.S. LLC.

Multi-Member LLC ($645)

For Partners, and more than one founders.

C-Corporations ($845)

This is good solution for If you form a C-Corp for your startup or your multinational Firm.

ITIN Application ($345)

Easy & Simple Online Application Process.

Private Tax Consultation

Get private help for our CPAs, EAs, and ASFP experts.

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Experience the convenience and security of submitting your taxes online with our secure tax portal. Easily manage your taxes with our user-friendly tax portal, saving you time and reducing the stress of tax season.

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Our innovative tax work-flow system reduces the risk of errors and helps you meet important tax deadlines with ease

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Our team of experts has thoroughly reviewed and processed your tax return to ensure its accuracy and compliance with all regulations.